An outpouring of love and condolences has been spreading throughout the sports world and beyond toward former NBA player Grant Hill as he is mourning the death of his mother.

The former Duke basketball player and current part owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks acknowledged his mother, Janet Hill, passing via his social media account on Tuesday, Aug. 16. She was 74.

She was also the wife of former Yale University and Dallas Cowboys football player Calvin Hill.

According to Duke Today, Hill was a trustee emerita who served as a Duke University Board of Trustees member from 2006 to 2021.

Before her death, Hill was a principal with Hill Family Advisors in Fairfax, Virginia. She was recently announced as the recipient of Duke’s highest honor, the University Medal for Distinguished Meritorious Service. On the weekend of Sept. 30, Duke’s Founders’ Weekend, she will be posthumously presented with the award.

Her only son, Grant, graduated from Duke in 1994 and had a stellar career in the NBA, being inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2018. He was recently elected to the Duke University Board of Trustees last year in 2021. He wrote about his mother in his book, Game: An Autobiography:

“In a foreign world, she didn’t bend her self-worth for the sake of conformity. She made the world bend for her. She’d spend her lifetime often as the only woman of color—frequently, the only woman, period—in corporate conference rooms and board meetings. She would often hold the door open behind her, making inroads for others who looked like her to eventually follow.”

We believe Janet Hill was well-known in the sports world as the mother of NBA legend Grant Hill and the wife of former Washington and Dallas Cowboys running back Calvi Hill. She was revered as a legendary Black woman and an idol in her own right. After resigning from her position on the Duke University Board of Trustees in 2021, she was taking use of her retirement. She was a very well-known person who gained a lot of respect throughout her life. She continued to serve as a consultant for numerous businesses. For accurate news information, you are on the appropriate page.\

According to the story, Janet died at the age of 74. She had passed away on Monday, August 15, 2022. The cause of Janet’s passing has not yet been determined. Dallas Cowboys made the announcement of her passing on Monday night. The devastating news of Hill’s passing broke, shocking her admirers and well-wishers. She was thought to be in good health and not suffering from any serious illnesses. Her passing has surprised many people, and they are paying respect to her on social media.

Her parents gave birth to her and raised her in New Orleans, Louisiana. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and went on to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics from the University of Chicago Graduate School and Graduate School of Education to complete her education. For the NFL team Dallas Cowboys in the past, Janet’s husband was a runner-back. One of the best NBA players is her son Grant Hill. Her son, a former standout basketball player, is a co-owner and executive of the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association.

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