Jada Supports August Alsina As He Tearfully Reunites w/Mom After Years Of Public Beef

Jada Pinkett-Smith has bonded with singer, August Alsina, whom she credits for helping her finally get over unresolved issues she had with her late friend, Tupac. August, credits Jada for being there when he needed unconditional, familial type love the most.

Over the past few years, Jada has taken August under her wing and sparked several rumors ranging from, the 25 year old R&B crooner was dating her mom, to August and Jada had a thing going on. The truth though, is that Jada has become like a big sis/mother figure in August’s life, during the years that his biological mother was not there for him.

Watch August’s Emotional Reunion With Mother

That brings us to the present. After years of publicly revealing his truth about how his Mother and family have repeatedly done him dirty, August has recently reunited with his Moms. In an emotional on-stage celebration, his Mother walked on stage from the audience and August broke down to tears as he kneeled before her and tried his best to sang a song of praise to her. It was a beautiful sight to see and the crowd was surprised and in support of August for showing a very vulnerable side to the world. First August posted a photo of their tearful reunion on Instagram with the caption, “God is Working! God is Working! God is Working!!! Forever bowing before you, 🙏🏾 my life giver.❤️✨”…


Then he posted a video of the entire moment that brought us to tears…

After the show, a photo surfaced online of the woman who has been there for him throughout his recent struggles, Jada Pinkett-Smith standing beside August and his Mother.

Other Priceless Times Jada Was There For August

This was not the first time Jada has been there for August. In May (2017), Jada was present to help August finally reveal to his millions of fans, what the true cause of his health problems were. In a painful video released online, Jada sat with August as he told his fans the reason he’d had several surgeries, collapsed onstage, been in a coma recently, and temporary lost his eyesight, is because he’s battling a life threatening liver disease. It was a hard reveal, but he was grateful that Jada was there with him for support.

August Revealed Major Tensions With Mother & Family

His multiple health issues are partly the cause of the tension between August and his mother. In a 2015 ‘Breakfast Club’ interview, August touched on how he’d pretty much disowned most of his family for various reasons. He revealed that while he was having multiple surgeries, his mother didn’t call him once to see if he was okay. He also revealed that any of his other family members began to create vicious lies about him after he became famous, all because they wanted money and other monetary things that he could not yet give them…

August also stated that he and his Mother’s issues date back long before fame and that although she raised he and his brothers, she was not a warm, nurturing Mother to them. August says he always felt a high level of detachment from his Mother because she just treated him like he was some kid she knows, instead of a son. He discussed how she’s kicked him out in the rain and drove past him giving him the middle finger, as well as stating that she would go years without speaking to him, nor his brothers. As a result, August was once homeless, but after becoming a successful singer he said much of his fam’ had their hands out. Check out the interview below. *He talks about his mother at the 23:41 and 33:48 marks*…

Soon after the interview aired, his mother blasted him online for revealing that to the world.

So now that the new photo of Jada Pinkett-Smith, August Alsina, and his Mother hit the internet, many speculate that Jada had a little something to do with the two finally reuniting after not speaking to one another in about 5 or 6 years (this last time). We don’t know if Jada had anything to do with that for sure, but it’s beautiful that August still has her to lean on when he needs unconditional love the most. Much continued growth and success to he and his Mother’s relationship. We all live and we learn.

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