Jada Pinkett-Smith Reveals 17 Year Feud She Had With Gabrielle Union

We’ve heard of rap beef and even R&B beef, but today Jada Pinkett (46) Smith confirms that yes, there is also such a thing as in actress beef. Apparently, just ask Gabrielle Union (45). That’s right, Jada let the cat outta the bag the other day, about the issue she’s had with Gabrielle for the past 17 years…

Why Jada & Gabrielle Beefed For 17 Years

During a recent interview with “Extra,” Jada Pinkett-Smith was promoting her new Facebook Watch series, “Red Table Talk,” when she revealed that she had a damn near two-decades-long beef with the “Being Mary Jane” star. Thankfully, they’ve recently squashed it on her show:

“I have a really touching episode with Gabrielle Union. We haven’t been on the best of terms for 17 years, and we have a reconciliation.” Jada continued, “When the producers said we want to do a girlfriends show… her name just kept coming up… it just couldn’t be anything else.”

The odd part is that they’ve been hating each other for years, but don’t even know why:

When Extra host, Tanika Ray, asked Jada if the beef was over, Jada said, “Oh, definitely…we don’t even know how it started!”

Well, glad that’s over.” The Red Table Talk series” will be hosted by Jada; her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris (63), and her daughter, Willow Smith (17). It will be focused on many personal and emotional issues, including an episode with the ex-wife of Jada’s husband, Will Smith, and mother of his first born, Sheree Zampino:

“Our Mother’s Day episode happens to be one of my favorites,” Jada admitted. “I sit down and talk to Sheree, which is Will’s first wife… When we get to the red table, you hear about the stuff that didn’t go so well! We talk about our 23 years together in this thing called family.”

Jada’s Ageless Mother Has Come A Long Way

Speaking of mothers, can we just pause for a second to marvel in the beauty of Jada’s mom? While at it, we’ll throwback to her now infamous 2016 beach body pics that had the internet on FIRE…

We mean this with all due respect, but Jada’s mother had these youngins out here checkin’ for her like she is a real life “Ms. Parker” from the “Friday” movie, or something. Thankfully, Mrs. Banfield-Norris is comfortable in her own skin and takes the many online comments and flirtations she gets with stride. Besides, she’s loving her newly married life to her husband, whom she jumped the broom with in 2016 at age 61.


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Another applause worthy accolade, is that Jada’s mother has been sober for decades, following her prior addiction to crack cocaine. In a 2013 round table discussion Adrienne discussed her past addictions and regrets with Jada, and granddaughter, Willow:

“I had mommy when I was very young and then I got addicted to drugs after mommy was born,” Adrienne told Willow about Jada Pinkett. “It was a very difficult time for us growing up with her and Jada did not have the kind of life that you have now. […] I was on drugs until your mom was like 17 or 18 years old. That’s a long time.”

In that same roundtable discussion, Jada reassured her mother that she does not regret the conditions in which she grew up:

“I don’t look at the experience that we had as bad,” Jada said to her mom. “I turned all of that into power. So I used those things as motivation.”

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