IG Model Claims To Be Pregnant By Ciara’s Husband NFL Player Russell Wilson

One of the most well-known and influential couples in Hollywood is R&B singer Ciara and NFL star Russell Wilson, but a recent leaked social media post is making fans doubt Russell Wilson’s commitment. Someone seems to be attempting to separate Russell Wilson and Ciara.

Russell Wilson, 32, and Ciara Princess Wilson, 35, were engaged in 2017 after dating for a year. The couple is tremendously devoted to and respectful of each other, and they have two children together. At the very least, it is what everyone believed.

However, a stunning statement made by a woman has left many wondering about the status of Ciara and Russell’s marriage. According to reports, a well-known Instagram model is circulating the rumour that she is carrying Russell Wilson’s child.

The information was really made public when a quarrel broke out between two of the IG model’s acquaintances on social media. According to rumours, one of the friends is expecting the child of a married NFL player.

The other friend then called out the other woman and the Instagram model for having affairs with married men, and she made particularly shocking charges about the woman who is pregnant with Russell Wilson’s child.

The woman posted on social media, “You want to discuss how your best buddy is claiming to be knocked up by Russell Wilson. Fans are going crazy and hoping that these allegations are false.

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