Here’s how Ravindra Jadeja savagely replied to James Anderson’s judgemental remark

James Anderson earlier stated mentioning Jadeja, “He can bat like a proper batter now”

Ravindra Jadeja’s fierce batting might have gotten overshadowed amid Rishabh Pant and Jasprit Bumrah’s powerful performance at the Edgbaston test, but the all-rounder played a crucial role for India coming back into the game. The cricketer also scored his third century in the series.

Recently, Jadeja gave a savage reply to James Anderson’s comment recalling the 2014 spat after Anderson said speaking to press, “In the past he was coming at 8, bat with the tail so he had to chance his arm a little bit, whereas now at 7 he can bat like a proper batter. He leaves really well and made it difficult for us.”
When Jadeja was asked about his take on Anderson’s remark at the post-match conference, he said, “See, when you score runs, everyone says they think of themselves as a proper batter. But I’ve always tried to give myself time at the crease, to set a partnership with whoever is at the crease, to play with him. It’s nice Anderson has realised that after 2014.”

Further speaking about his score in Birmingham, Jadeja said, “In England you have play close to the body. The ball swings here so if you look to play the cover- or square-drive there is a chance you can edge to the cordon. My focus was to initially not play at too many balls outside off-stump. When the cover or point is vacant there is a temptation to hit the ball through that area for a boundary, but then you can get out in the slips. My thought was only to hit the ball that was really close to me and to hit it straight. Luckily, all the balls that I picked were in my areas and converted them into boundaries. If you know where your off-stump is, then you can leave the balls outside that line.”

More about the spat between Ravindra Jadeja and James Anderson:
Earlier in a series in 2014, Anderson and Jadeja got into a heated argument on their way back to the pavilion for lunch. Later, the Indian team manager lodged a complaint against Anderson alleging for pushing and abusing Jadeja. The England cricketer was later charged with a level 3 offence.

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