Garcelle Beauvais Displays Hourglass Figure in Blue Swimsuit Posing With Her Twins on Jamaica Vacation

Garcelle Beauvais gave fans a glimpse into her breathtaking summer vacation with her three sons in a new Instagram photo, flaunting her beach body.

Hollywood icon Garcelle Beauvais took to Instagram to show off her hourglass figure as she vacationed with her twin boys, Jaid and Jax.

The amazing trio looked excited as they posed in the middle of the ocean, enjoying the summer to the fullest. The eye-popping vacation picture left fans raving with admiration.


Garcelle Beauvais and her family sure know how to have fun and pick the best vacation spots. This summer, the actress and her sons hit the Jamaican coasts and got wet while at it.

She shared a photo of herself and the twins, posing alongside a third teenager, Ryder, who was vacationing with them. Beauvais gave off their location in the caption, writing:

“Jamaica Man! Finally a picture with Jax in it LOL #FamilyVacay. @not-Jaid- @jax.nilon @whatupryder. Ryder calls me temporary mom while on vacation thx @terribear14.”

The pic showed the 54-year-old looking stunning in a blue, one-piece swimsuit as she stood cross-legged, with the lower half of her leg submerged in the blue waters. The swimwear revealed Beauvais’ hot thighs and voluptuous curves, highlighting her hourglass figure.

The three teenagers stood behind her, suspending their weights on a stilt scaffold constructed in the middle of the sea. All three boys looked equipped for the summer in their play shorts and exciting expressions.


The television personality’s vacay photo left a lasting impression on her 869 thousand fans, who had a field day commending her.

The majority praised the model for making out time from her busy schedule to spend with family, while others stuck with complimenting her ravishing beauty and head-turning figure. Interestingly, the shot inspired most fans to crave a Jamaican vacation.


Beauvais and her kids seem to be on a mission to hit every cool vacationing city on the planet this summer. Days before, the trio made quite the mark in Miami, flooding the internet with photos from their fun vacay.

The model shared a picture of herself looking enchanting in a halter-neck, knee-length summer dress, a woven bag from Chloe, a pair of nude slippers, and sunglasses.

Beauvais’ smile matched the picturesque view of the palm tree behind her, with the overall effect appearing straight out of a painting. Another post from the Miami vacay featured a few photos showing the proud mom having fun with family and friends.


Beauvais has three children, Oliver Saunders, Jaid, and Jax. While the reality star shares her oldest son, Oliver, with her first husband, Daniel Saunders, her twins came from her marriage to talent agent Mike Nilon.

Beauvais and Nilon divorced in 2010, following news of the latter’s infidelity, three years after their sons arrived. Although she never remarried afterward, the actress has done an excellent job raising her kids, even in the face of several hurdles.

As an African-American woman with biracial kids, the star has experienced her fair share of racism. She once recalled how a woman mistook her for her kids’ nanny just because of her skin color.

Going further, Beauvais pointed out that racism manifested in different forms in her daily life throughout her journey as a mom and now, grandmother.

The “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” star announced in 2020 that Oliver welcomed a son with his partner Sam Saunders. The pair tied the knot three months after becoming parents.


In the last ten years, Garcelle Beauvais focused on raising her children as a single mom while growing her career. All the while, she kept the line open for potential suitors.

During an interview in March, the entertainment icon opened up about her dating life and how she balances dating and single motherhood.

Although she never planned to get married again after her second divorce, the beautiful grandmother revealed the pandemic made her rethink her stance. She has since resolved to walk down the aisle again once the right opportunity presented itself.


Starring as each other’s love interests on the WB sitcom “The Jamie Foxx Show” marked the start of a beautiful friendship for actor Jamie Foxx and Beauvais. Their friendship continued for decades, with the duo appearing as lovebirds again in the 2013 film, “White House Down.”

However, these two stars never dated. Foxx admitted during an interview on Beauvais’ podcast, “Going To Bed With Garcelle,” that he always wanted them to end up together.

When the stunned actress reminded him that he never objected to any of her relationships in the past, the actor joked that he always loathed the guys she dated but opted to keep his feelings to himself.

Decades later, the duo has survived several failed relationships, but their beautiful friendship remains undeterred.

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