FRIENDS fame Matthew Perry reveals the quality he wants in his life partner

Matthew Perry rose to fame after his character Chandler Bing was hailed in 90s hit sitcom FRIENDS

Matthew Perry is still a household name and a Millennial and Gen Z favourite even after so many years from when the hit sitcom FRIENDS was aired. The 90s hit series revolved around the lives of a group of 6 friends and how their life changed with the course of time.

However, one of the cast member, Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing, had an ongoing crisis due to dr*g abuse. The actor also has an elaborate love life and dated some of the noted personalities including, Julia Roberts, Yasmin Bleeth, Lizzy Caplan, among others, but no relationship had been successful for the actor. Perry’s search for true love still continues after he broke off his engagement with Molly Hurwitz last year.

He talked about his past relationships and addiction issues in his autobiography, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.” “That was me afraid,” Perry noted about ending his engagement with his ex-fiance. “That is what I manifest, something that’s wrong with them. And then I break up with them,” he added. He continued, “But there can’t be something wrong with everyone. I’m the common denominator. I left first because I thought they were going to annihilate me.”

Reportedly, the actor has been looking for a soulmate who has a quality of being ‘self-supporting’. Perry also talked about how he had been “burned a few times by women who wanted my money, not really caring about me.” “A sense of humor, beautiful inside and out, caring. This is really important, somebody who can have a back and forth with me,” he added.

The actor has no place in his heart for “somebody who has their own wealth is a pretty key component for me,” Perry said. The actor further confessed of having “a tremendous amount of fear about falling in love,” however, he added, “through a lot of work, I’ve got over that fear. I’m going to learn as I go.”

Perry continued, “The thing that’s changed about me is I have no interest in hanging out with somebody that I don’t know or somebody that I’m not that into. The next person I really take seriously is somebody that I’m going to be in love with and not be scared by the things that used to scare me.”

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