Foxy Brown’s 3 Year Old Daughter C’Yani’ aka ‘Red Fox’ Is Growing Up Fast! (New Pics)

Female rap legend Foxy Brown gave birth to her daughter almost three years ago. And now she just shared a picture of her daughter, and how much she’s grown, and the little one is just as cute as her mother!

Stay with us to see the pictures!

You remember that Foxy Brown’s debut album back in the mid-90s was a complete success. “Ill Na Na” carved the way for the future hip hop female artists to come, and her boldness and talent completely killed it and revolutionized the music industry.

And she build her status up to a legend.

But Foxy Brown (real name Inga Marchand) started focusing on her private life, and became a mother about three years ago. She welcomed daugter C’Yani (whom she calls Red Fox) almost three years ago on January 13, 2017, and she’s been proudly sharing pictures of her daughter all over Instagram.

And the cute little mini Foxy Brown is now all grown up!

Like any celebrity, Inga was reluctant at first to post pictures of her daughter online. And she didn’t want to deal with any online trolls who could be disrespectful to her little joy. But, in time, like any mother, she wanted to post pictures and show just how cute her daughter is.

And she really is the cutest.

Foxy was such an inspiration that T.I.’s wife, Tiny Harris has decided to dress up as her this past Halloween. And she opted to go as a super sexy Foxy Brown, and her husband went as “Big Daddy.” As if that could have make us think of anything but his “hymen” comments. Foxy, on the other side, has often been referred as the “Female Tupac,” and has been compared to big names in the industry, like Nas o Jay Z.

Congratulations on the little one!