Florida A&M University Student Under Fire After Posing Naked In Front Of A Historical Part Of The Campus Taking Grad Pics

A Florida A&M University student is currently under fire on social media when she shared pictures of herself posing in front of a historic part of the college.

The graduate, Terica Williams posed with no clothes on at the “FAMU snake” with what appears to be snakes as strands of her hair.

She captioned her photos by saying:

Anybody who knows me knows that I’ve been dressing provocative my whole life. There’s a lot of assumptions that have came with me accepting my body. A lot of people questioned my capabilities and intelligence solely based on how I choose to dress. As I’m standing here with my Masters Degree at the tender age of 24, I am the living proof that clothes do not define you. I encouraged every body to embrace their bodies and step outside social norms.

With love,
Terica Williams, M.Ed

Then shared these photos on Instgram:


The school says it wanted something that had spirit and symbolized the university. FAMU’s mascot is “the Rattler.”

Former students and current students are asking if anything is considered sacred anymore and others are encouraging the graduate to ‘do you’ and live her best life.




JT from the City Girls weighed in on the conversation, reposting Terica’s pictures and encouraging her to be herself.

JT has since, deleted her tweet.

see below:


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FAMU has issued a statement with reguards to the incident, saying they are aware of the social media post and they are investigating.

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