Fantasia’s Husband Kendall Taylor Gently Kisses Their Tiny Baby Keziah after Visit to TD Jakes’ Church

Fantasia’s business mogul husband Kendall Taylor is a charming father who plays with his newborn in a new post. Watch how he kisses their tiny baby Keziah after a visit to TD Jakes’ Church.

Business mogul Kendall Taylor is a proud father to baby Keziah, who was born in May. He shares this sweet little princess with Fantasia Barrino.

Barrino’s mark in the music industry is an inedible one; from her time as the 19-year-old winner of the singing competition “American Idol,” until now, she has proven herself worthy of the accolades and superstar status.

Barino also has a remarkable personal life that is not so private and yet, enjoys an enormous portion of peace and tranquility, as opposed to the typical celebrity life.

She has been married to her leading man, often referred to as “King,” via her online platforms for a few years, and the pair has only one child.

Recent posts on Taylor’s Instagram handle showed a unique father-daughter bond between him and baby Keziah. An updated video showed the proud father cradling his daughter and whispering the words “I love you” to her before kissing her.

In May, the couple welcomed a daughter who came a few weeks early. She was transferred to the NICU.
The clip captioned “Emotional Takeover” appeared captivating to numerous Instagram users as they viewed the recording in thousands and added their comments.

This was also shared on Keziah’s Instagram handle run by her parents. Via the caption, the infant promised to love her father “Right Back.”

Fans were treated to this lovely sight shortly after the couple visited TD Jakes’ church. Barrino updated fans with a snap of their baby in colorful print overall and added:

“@keziahlondontaylor First Time At Church with Daddy & Mommy @bishopjakes.”


Lovers of the “American Idol” winner are not oblivious to the couple’s apparent faith and beliefs in Christianity. The duo met when Barrino was down in every area of her life—she contemplated suicide.

Before her road to stardom, the talented singer gave birth to a daughter Zion Quari and had a baby to cater for. However, after winning the competition, things became easier financially, and it came with tremendous stardom.

She later encountered a few troubles after being linked romantically with a married man. This scandal caused her a thriving career, leading her to give up on love and everything beautiful.

Although the affair produced a son named Dallas Xavier, unfortunately, Barrino thought about ending her existence at this time in her life.

It did not take long before Taylor found her, and according to the singer, she was able to discover herself after he prayed for her. The duo courted for three weeks before saying their “I dos” in a lavish ceremony in North Carolina.


The couple soon began trying to increase their family. Barrino had two kids from past relationships and her husband, a son from a former relationship, but they wanted another baby.

Barrino and Taylor began to schedule doctor visits that lasted for three years, with news of disappointments. They later allowed God to lead, and thankfully the story changed.

Taylor was steadfast in his faith throughout the years and tried to charge his wife to continue believing. Finally, after taking six pregnancy tests, one of the results came back positive!

Despite the doctors’ diagnosis about a closed fallopian tube and the impossibility of a natural conception, Fantasia conceived naturally.

In May, the couple welcomed a daughter who came a few weeks early. She was transferred to the NICU for observation and proper care.

After a month, both mother and child were discharged, and news of Keziah’s home arrival reached the media as her mom shared a sweet message.

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