Fantasia Barrino Celebrates Son’s 8th Birthday with Touching Letter & Cute Photo

Fantasia Barrino rarely shares about her son on social media, but now that he’s turned 8-years-old, the proud mom made sure to give him a touching tribute on Instagram, even showing fans what he asked for on his birthday.

Fantasia Barrino’s son Dallas just turned eight, and she made sure to shower him with love on his special day, even granting his birthday wish of turning his room into an arcade.

The singer shared her young king posing in front of a grand piano, together with a video of his newly-transformed room, which she turned into an arcade.

Fantasia shares her son Dallas Xavier Barrino with ex-boyfriend Antwaun Cook, her most controversial relationship to date.

Of course, Fantasia’s birthday lengthy message is overflowing with love for Dallas, saying she would do anything for her little boy to grow up and experience the best things in life.

“Time goes by so fast and son you will have to see and experience so much in this world. I don’t care what comes your way or you have to endure, know that Mommy will Blow something DOWN FOR YOU BABY BOY!!!”

Fantasia shares her son Dallas Xavier Barrino with ex-boyfriend Antwaun Cook, her most controversial relationship to date. In 2010, fans were shocked to see the heartbreaking “Fantasia For Real” scene where her then-boyfriend revealed he was actually still with his wife, Paula Cook.

At the time, she and Antwaun were already dating for months, until he came clean and said he’d been lying and cheating on his wife.

Just two days after the scene was taped, Fantasia tried to end her life in her North Carolina home. At the time, Antwaun’s wife Paula filed a lawsuit against Fantasia, calling her a homewrecker.

While everyone assumed they broke up after the controversy, Fantasia became pregnant in 2011 and kept the father’s identity a secret.

It was only a matter of time before news spread that the father was actually Antwaun Cook, and they welcomed their child in December 2011.

Now, though, it seems both Fantasia and Dallas are in a much better place and have surrounded themselves with nothing but love together with her other child, Zion Quari Barrino.

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