Escaped Connecticut Inmate Captured at His Birthday Party in Georgia

Authorities reportedly arrested a fugitive on the run while he was in Georgia this past Saturday. The man—31-year-old Forenza Murphy, was allegedly at a family member’s house celebrating his birthday.

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office made the announcement, and deputies received a tip that Murphy was with family members, according to FOX 5 Atlanta.

Murphy was reportedly serving a four-year prison sentence for robbery at a Connecticut Department of Corrections halfway house. The man left the halfway house without permission and had been on the run since August 8, 2022.

Sheriff Reginald Scandrett spoke on the matter, saying, “If you make your way into Henry County, we’re going to get on your trail, and we won’t stop until you’re caught.” Murphy is now facing additional charges following being booked at the Henry County Jail.

Source: NY Post