Eddie’s Ex-Wife Nicole Murphy Gets Big 50th B-day Surprise From Her Rapper ‘Friend’ & Her 5 Kids

We all know by now that Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy, is fine, sexy, and classy. In fact, damn near every time I see her, I say to myself, ‘What in the world was Eddie thinking to give all of that up?!!’ That’s no diss to his current lady/new baby mama, Paige Butler, but uh….just sayin.’ Anyways, this article is about the fact that Ms. Murphy just turned 50 and was surprised with a big bash by her children and friends in a way that was totally unexpected by her.


Nicole’s 5 children (pictured above), with Eddie, threw their moms a surprise birthday party in Beverly Hills, at Mastro’s Steakhouse. On her way into the melee, Nicole thought she was going to a private, quaint outing with her mother, but turns out her mom was in on the plan…

Nicole Murphy Was Happy Drake Came To The Party

By the way, speaking of ‘friends’ who showed up to Ms. Murphy’s party, Young Money rapper, Drake, was there showing love to Ms Murphy.

Drake’s presence caused a few whispers for a few reasons:

  1. Drake (32) has made it no secret that he LOVES him some older women (i.e. Sade).
  1. Drake was the ONLY man -with the exception of Nicole’s son and Johnny Gill- who she actually felt was special enough to deserve his own ‘birthday party’ post on her Instagram page.
  1. Drake and Ms. Murphy have history, she played the leading lady in latest Virginia Black Whiskey brand ad.

In the ad for Drake’s Whiskey, he was dissed by Nicole, who actually ended up wanting his dad in the commercial instead. However, after seeing her shout him out at her birthday party, it makes me wonder if Drake actually landed her as his ‘leading lady’ in real life. Hmmm…only time will tell.

FYI: Props to that new Mercedes she just bought herself for her 50th…

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