It goes without saying that the Jackson family, who have spent many years in the spotlight, have amassed an empire for themselves. Unfortunately, they haven’t always had it easy. It seems the Jacksons are still attempting to keep some of their darkest secrets hidden from the public,

despite everything from legal crises to personal problems and everything in between. The Jackson family resided In Gary, Indiana, which the family later admitted wasn’t the safest place to live, according to GQ Magazine.

Joe made his sons frequently shift bricks from one side of the yard to the other and back again, it seems because he was continually concerned that they would become involved with gangs and drugs. All of this happened before music took over the household.

Katherine repeatedly attempted to get divorced but never followed through. It’s possible that not everything was perfect behind closed doors, despite popular belief. This is due to the fact that Katherine Jackson divorced twice throughout their marriage.

However, Katherine al’legedly changed her mind after speaking with church elders. Joe subsequently acknowledged that after realizing their love for one another, the pair set aside their issues. Joe wanted the Jacksons to concentrate on their music, so they were not permitted to play outside.

It appears that than any of his children, Joe Jackson may have been more concerned in establishing a musical career for his family. In the end, Joe’s children were forbidden from ever playing outside or spending time with other kids because of his fixation with starting a successful musical group.

Instead, he insisted that they all practice music for up to five hours a day after school because he wanted them to develop as a group. Jermaine alleges that they were compelled to travel on the weekends.

Additionally, following a performance on school nights, they supposedly arrived home after 2 am. A bunch of individuals once jumped Joe in front of his sons, according to Jermaine’s account. Joe instructed the ensemble to continue performing rather than postpone the show.

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