Derrick Jaxn’s Alleged ‘Doctor’ Mistress Was Pregnant w/ His Baby! (Tasha K Leaks Phone Call)

Relationship couch Derrick Jaxn found himself in a scandal recently, involving cheating rumors. While he owned up and apologized, Derrick’s alleged “Doctor” mistress was pregnant with his baby.

Derrick Jaxn is a popular personality on Youtube with over 700k subscribers and his main subject is to advise women on how to keep their man happy and in their lives.

Which is ironic, considering his situation.

Derrick cheated on his wife Da’Nai and his alleged side chick Candice De Medeiros revealed their affair. Claiming that she was under the impression he had separated, she detailed her trips to his home and a weekend getaway to Miami together in June last year.

But now another woman stepped out and claimed she was his mistress. She sent a message to a vlogger, where she shared text messages of conversations between her and Derrick, which appear to show that even when he was making videos with his wife, apologizing and claiming that he ended all of his extramarital affairs last year, he didn’t break up with his mistress.

In the leaked audio, the woman, who is allegedly a doctor, claims that she found out she was pregnant around last November/ December. She told Derrick that she was not trying to have any children. However, they allegedly didn’t share the same views, and he allegedly tried to prolong the termination process.

Do you believe her?