Crazed Fan Pokes Diana Ross In V*gina During Concert

Let’s face the facts, Diana Ross is a legend. Her music has transcended cultures and brought people of all backgrounds together. But it’s important to note, especially because it’s Pride month, that she’s also an icon in the gay community. It’s one of the reasons why she’s been performing at parties like the one Ian Schrager threw back in March.

The one where a fan poked Diana, right in her crotch!

Now while it may seem like old news, hardly anyone spoke of the incident, despite there being video footage of the fan doing this despicable deed. You can actually see the moment where Diana is performing and the drag queen pokes her. The woman, whose name is Diandra, claims that she just wanted the star to acknowledge her, and when she didn’t, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She admitted that she “then acted like a petulant toddler and I poked her.”

It all started when Diandra tried to get some recognition from the singer by tugging on her feather boa. And it only escalated from there. Those who were in attendance questioned why there wasn’t any security near the singer and the simple answer was that they never expected anyone to try a move like that.

After the fan touched Diana, during her song Upside Down, they went back and forth for a bit until the fan ultimately gave the singer the middle finger. Shortly after, Diandra was escorted off the premises and was hunted down for her statement.

Something she gladly gave.

This one completely flew over our heads. But luckily, our sources came to us with this info because it appeared on the Wendy Show this morning! And you’d never believe how Wendy reacted to what this crazed fan did to the legendary singer.

Wendy actually laughed at the situation and said that Diana may have not felt anything- a dig at the singer’s age. All we know is that this cannot be allowed to happen again. What do you guys think?