Cop Stops Single Mom and Sees Her Son in the Back Seat, Asks Her to Follow Him to Nearby Store

A police officer performed an act of kindness to a single mom that would ensure her young son’s safety for years to come. His good deed made him a celebrated hero to the single mom, the youngster, and netizens.

Niya Sumter, a single mom from Mississippi, struggled to make ends meet and provide for herself and her son. However, affording the right car seat for the young lad seemed to elude her for some reason.

Finally, she got her much-needed intervention in the guise of a legitimate traffic stop. Taking to social media, the single mom recalled how she was driving along the highway with her son buckled in at the back seat when State Trooper Bradley Sanders pulled her over.

In 2020, as he issued the mom three tickets for undisclosed traffic violations, the officer spotted the little boy strapped to a “big boy seat.”

Seeing as the young lad was able to move around freely despite being strapped in, the man figured the car seat was not the right fit. The cop returned to his cruiser, spoke to his wife on the telephone, and the two resolved to buy the baby the ideal car seat.

Returning to Sumter’s vehicle, he asked her to follow him to a nearby store, where he purchased the right seat for the child, to the woman’s surprise.

Via the post, the mom expressed gratitude to the officer while reflecting on God’s goodness. She also shared a photo of Bradley and her baby boy standing in wait at the checkout line. Recounting her reaction in an interview, Bradley divulged:

“She was very grateful. She was saying ‘thank you.’ She understood that the traffic stop was legitimate. […]She was trying to do the best she could with her son in the back seat.”

Sumter’s post was shared thousands of times, attracting heartfelt reactions from netizens. One commenter wrote on YouTube, “God bless the trooper! God already has! I realize it is right when I saw this video! The beautiful man has a beautiful heart!”

The Mississippi Department of Safety also reacted to the post, commending Trooper Bradley for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a child’s safety.

Despite receiving accolades from thousands across the internet, the officer believes he did nothing extraordinary, as it was part of his job to help people.

He urged everyone to contribute their quota by reaching out to those around them at their points of need, thereby making a difference.

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