Comedian Lil Duval DUMPED GF Sheri For 24 Yr Old Mexican Stripper! (Pics)

Comedian Lil Duval is living his life. He reportedly just dumped his longtime girlfriend, Sheri. But he has something else lined up, as his ex-girlfriend seems to accuse him of dumping her for a 24-year-old Mexican stripper.

Stay with us for more details.

Comedian Lil Duval went viral a few days ago, as he Tweeted about Chloe Bailey. As we all know, Chloe is incredible, and it also caught the comedian’s eye. But Twitter wasn’t having it, considering that Chloe is 22, and Lil Duval is 43.

People were not having it.

When people called him out, he claimed it was “asking for his nephew.” But it doesn’t seem that far-fetched, as there are claims that his new girlfriend is around that age… Just a couple years older.

He also dumped his old girlfriend.

Lil Duval had reportedly been in a relationship with a woman called Sheri, from Atlanta, and the two lived together for years. But now the two have broken up, and she claims Lil Duval dumped her.

Sheri spilled the tea on Instagram, and claimed that he is talking about her a lot. She also clapped back at him for dating a Mexican stripper… who is almost half his age.

He doesn’t seem to mind.