Comedian George Wallace Goes on Epic Will Smith Rant: F*** All The Smiths!

At this point, a line in the sand has clearly been drawn. On one side, you have Will Smith, Jada, and the rest of their immediate family members. On the other, you have comedians who have clearly harbored their anger towards Will in the wake of the “Slap Heard Around the World.” The incident from Oscar night, back on March 27th, sent Will’s popularity and approval rating on a downward spiral. On his way down, several comedians such as Dave Chappelle, Faizon Love, and Tony Rock have taken verbal shots at the four-time Grammy Award winner. Ironically enough, most of the jokes happen to be about his wife, Jada. The very woman he was trying to protect with his impromptu on-stage slap of Chris Rock during the live presentation of the Academy Awards. Legendary comedian George Wallace recently joined in on the fray by airing out his grievances with Will during a guest appearance on The Art of Dialogue podcast. The 70-year-old explained to the host, Pierre Edwards, why his admiration for a man who he once considered to be amongst his favorite actors soon turned to scorn as he watched the events unfold on Oscar night.

“I was waiting for my favorite actor to receive his award, and my favorite actor at that time was Will Smith,” explained Wallace. “I love Will Smith, but I don’t like him today. It was hard for me to do, but I got so mad I just said: Fck Will Smith! [As of] matter of fact till this day, I don’t like any Smith. Fck all the Smiths! Fck Will Smith, fck his wife G.I. Jane Jada Smith, fck them two little weird as kids…Fck them all. Fck his Grandmama…F*ck them all!”

Scroll up and press play to watch the comedian give a hilarious take on the Smith family.

Source/Credits for the news: VladTV

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