Chris Tucker & Ex-wife Azja Pryor’s Son Graduated from Morehouse College – Inside Their Co-parenting

In May, Chris Tucker’s son Destin Christopher Tucker graduated from college, marking a proud moment in his life. Get to know his relationship with his parents, who divorced in 2003.

Chris Tucker is one of America’s famous actors and comedians. He is known worldwide for his starring role as Detective James Carter in the “Rush Hour” film series, where he starred alongside Jackie Chan.

In 1997, the actor married casting director Azja Pryor. They welcomed their son Destin Christopher Tucker in 1998. However, Chris and Pryor divorced in 2003. After the divorce, the couple co-parented their son.

Chris and Pryor have done well to co-parent their son effectively. Both parents have been in their son’s lives and watched him grow into the man he is today.

In 2017, Destin moved to Atlanta to study film at Morehouse College. It was a proud moment for Chris, who believed his son’s decision to go to Morehouse made all the sense in the world.

Destin said he wanted to become a director and chose Morehouse because he would get top-flight education. Chris and Pryor attended Morehouse’s annual Parent’s Parting Ceremony and turned over their son’s guidance to the college.

In December 2018, Destin shared a picture that showed him and his father posing with Morehouse College President David A. Thomas. In the post’s caption, he expressed his pride at meeting Thomas.

By studying film at the famous college, Destin was following in his father’s footsteps with his aim of being a film director. He also enjoys hanging out with his dad and following him to major film events.

In May 2019, Chris took his lookalike son with him to Quentin Tarantino’s Cannes premiere of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” He shared a picture of himself and Destin at the event.

The snapshot showed them wearing matching black suits, white shirts, and black bow ties. They smiled as they posed for the camera, showing off their striking resemblance.

Chris is a proud father of his son. He once revealed how fatherhood changed him in a previous interview. He said it takes a while for one to realize he is a father.

Destin’s success has shown that healthy co-parenting between exes can positively impact their kids’ lives.

The 49-year-old explained that fatherhood changed him in a good way by opening him up to a different side of himself, which he needed to do because he had someone depending on him.

Chris reaped one of the joys of fatherhood recently after Destin graduated from Morehouse College in May. Destin was overjoyed at his college graduation and shared multiple pictures from the occasion on his Instagram page.

One of the pictures he shared showed him posing with his proud parents. Destin also shared a photo that showed him posing in front of a statue of Martin Luther King. He captioned the post:

“Degreed!😁🙏🏾 Mannnn let me tell yall! It has truly been a blessing to attend the historic Morehouse College.”

In his four years at Morehouse College, Destin said that he absorbed valuable life lessons about navigating through the world as a Black man. He acknowledged there were times of doubt, anger, and confusion.

However, he appreciated God, his family, and his friends for their part in his graduation. He also thanked them for their love and support.

Pryor also shared pictures and a video from her son’s graduation. In the caption to her post, she described his college graduation as one of the proudest days of her life.

Pryor revealed her son got his degree in Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media Studies with honors. She said Destin is now a man and added that he has always been destined for greatness.

In the concluding part of her caption, she said her heart is full as they close one chapter and watch Destin unleash all the greatness inside him.

On June 4, Pryor shared more pictures from Destin’s graduation in another post on her Instagram page. The first picture showed her and Chris posing with their son.

The second picture in her post showed her and Destin posing with her adorable daughter Iman Joelle, who she

The third snap showed Pryor, Ndiaye, and their daughter, posing with Destin, Chris, and his girlfriend, Jarneen Chaney Brown. In the post’s caption, Pryor wrote:

“Still reveling in this moment here! 🎓 My firstborn, who I essentially grew up with, is now officially a @morehouse1867 Alumni. 🙌🏾”

She credited Destin’s current and future success to God, her and Chris’ loving and respectful co-parenting, hard work, courage, family members, and community leaders. She concluded by expressing pride in Destin and urging him to get to the top.

Destin’s success has shown that healthy co-parenting between exes can positively impact their kids’ lives. Kudos to Chris and Pryor for doing just that.

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