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The law in this area is not very clear-cut. In some countries, the person who feeds a stray dog has a duty of care to protect others from attack by it.
In other countries, the law does not impose any such duty on the person who feeds the stray dog.
It is a common practice for people to feed stray dogs in the street. However, if the people who feed them are attacked by those dogs, they could be held liable.
The law about stray dog attacks is not so clear. It depends on the circumstances of each case. But if we look at this from a legal perspective, under certain circumstances and conditions, it may be possible to hold the person who fed these stray dogs liable for damages and injuries caused by these animals.
This topic is about the liability of the people who feed stray dogs. They may be held liable for any injury caused to the person who feeds them by a stray dog.
The law states that if someone is injured by a dog, then the person who owns and controls the dog can be held liable for damages. This does not depend on whether or not they were negligent in controlling their animal, but it does depend on whether or not they were aware of the risk of injury from their animal. In other words, if someone has knowledge that their animal is dangerous and they fail to take reasonable steps to prevent injuries, then they could be liable for any injuries caused by their animal.

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