Chaz “Slim” Williams Passes Away

Recently, news surfaced that Chaz “Slim” Williams passed away. Reports noted that Williams passed away in his New York home on July 13.

For those unaware, Williams was once a manager for 50 Cent early on his career, and also had ties to artists like Foxy Brown, Jay-Z, and Tupac Shakur through the founding of his storied Black Hand Entertainment.

Williams was also known for committing a total of 60 bank robberies, something he detailed in his VladTV interview that took place in 2016. Along with that, BET’s ‘American Gangster’ did a show on Williams, but were ultimately sued by Williams, who took BET, Netflix, A&E, Apple, and more to court over the episode. Williams ultimately was able to beat the motion to dismiss in the copyright infringement suit he filed against all the companies.

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