Both of Rapper Blac Youngsta’s Brothers Were Murdered – RIP HeavyCampTD

“Booty” and “Hip Hopper” rapper Blac Youngsta is mourning the death of his little brother HeavycampTD who was shot and killed in Miami over the weekend. All the details have not yet been released, but according to reports, he died from gunshot wounds. Blac is reeling, and he admitted that he thought about killing himself after he heard the news.

Fans of both Blac Youngsta and Heavycamp TD are rallying around the family during this extremely hard time.

It’s not the first death that Blac Youngsta and his family have experienced. In 2016, Youngsta revealed that one of his brothers was killed. Reports claim that the family has had a target on their back and Blac is taking steps to ensure that another shooting doesn’t happen to one of his family members.

A source close to Black says that he is beefing up his security in the wake of the death.

Blac Youngsta recently won a huge legal case after the judge dismissed the shooting case involving rival rapper Young Dolph. The Charlotte DA Office admitted that there was not any evidence linking him to the shooting and many people suspect that the shooting could be because of the rivalry.

The Memphis rapper went onto his Facebook to write, “I miss you so much lil’ brother I swear to God when you died I thought about killing myself no lie sometimes i just which God would have took me and not you lil’ brother,” after the death in 2016.

HeavycampTD was an up-and-coming rapper trying to follow in the footsteps of his older brother. In 2017, Youngsta released a mixtape titled “Heavy Camp” after his brother.

The two men were very close and were often seen photographed together.

Sources claim that Blac Youngsta’s last brother has to stay out of south Memphis because there are people trying to kill him. His grandmother reportedly lives in the same house, and he has been trying to get her to move out for years, but she’s not moving. There were also reports that some people tried to burn the house down, but it has not been confirmed.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.