Bishop Bullwinkle, ‘Hell To Da Naw’ Singer Died At 70

Bishop Bullwinkle decided the social media by storm with his top albums, “Hell to Da Naw.” But now, fans are sending him a sor’rowfull cond’olences and their prayers to his homies later hearing of his de’ath. Apparently, Bernard “Bishop Bullwinkle” Thomas has di’ed on to the next hand.

Through Facebook, his homies let people know of his friends and followers with the backing statement. It is with a massive devastating that we have to say forever good bye to our dad Bishop Bullwinkle. He has confirmed his show in paradise to participate for our paradisely dad

and for one time, he couldn’t be not head on time I have a different type of respect u sir and please book us the first row of room for us when we encounter in the heaven” Numerous people are showing their condolences through numerous social media platforms to the 70-year-old

Tampa Bay legend. “Hell to Da Naw” was by long his most well known video, having taken by the 37 million views on his personal YouTube channel all on his talent, as per to Orlando Weekly. Many fans are not able to get this to digest this devastating loss of their beloved and favorite vocalist.

They are numersly saying he’s not passed away he’s with us in our heart in our memories in his songs he is still alive. He can’t be passed away until his music is here in this world his voice and his great songs are with us to remember him in our thoughts and prayers we always gonna be remember him.

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