Beyonce’s 8 Year Old Daughter Blue Ivy Is Getting So BIG – Blue’s Almost As Tall As Her Mom! (Pics)

Jay Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter is already 8 years old, and she’s growing fast. Beyonce and her daughter, accompanied by their security team, were spotted out shopping a few days ago, and the pictures are very surprising.

Beyonce’s 8-year-old daughter Blue Ivy is getting so big. The ladies of the Carter family were pictured inside of Barney, on what appeared to be a fun shopping spree. Ivy, who was standing next to her mother appeared to be almost as tall as she was.

And some people aren’t that shocked.

Her father, Jay Z, is 6’2″ tall, while mom Beyonce is only 5’7″. Beyonce’s father is also very tall – 6’4″ to be exact. It’s clear that she’s taken her height after the males in her family, but her looks from her mother.

Give it a few years, and she’ll be much taller than her mother.

As soon as the pictures were released, Beyonce’s fans immediately began to say how big she was getting, and how much she more she looked like her mother. Many are now beginning to wonder how much her siblings, Sir and Rumi, have gotten.

It seems like only yesterday the couple’s first child was born, and now she’s a very tall 8-year-old.

Blue Ivy was born at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, New York. The hospital was under heavy security, and only a few people were given access to the ward. Two days after her birth, her father released a song dedicated to her, which included her cries at the end of the song.