Antonio Fargas of ‘Starsky & Hutch’ Is 73 Now and Aging like Fine Wine

Famous American actor Antonio Fargas is aging gracefully at age 73 and is still in love with filming as he shares several great pictures of him on and off the set.

Antonio Juan Fargas is an American actor known for his roles in 1970s blaxploitation movies, as well as his portrayal as Huggy Bear in the 1970s TV series “Starsky & Hutch.”

The popular actor celebrated his 73rd birthday in August 2019. He shared a photo of himself to his Instagram page with a caption that expressed gratitude for the good wishes.

Fargas also confessed that though he’s now a 73-year-old, he still feels passionate about life and the opportunity presented before him to give back to society.

Even though he is older now, the movie icon continues to follow his passion for acting. In November 2019, he took to his Instagram page to share a selfie of himself in the backseat of a car giving a thumbs up with a broad smile on his face. He captioned the post:

“On location in Portugal and U.K. filming Mister Mayfair. Home in four weeks. What a gift.”

Earlier this February, the “Starsky and Hutch” actor also shared a picture that featured himself with a crew member of the Virgin Atlantic.

In his captions, he commended the crew for their excellent services and revealed that he was on his way to work— at the time, he was reportedly shooting the second “Mister May” movie.

Antonio Fargas’s role as Victor in “Holby City” brought him recognition as one of the most versatile actors.

The comments section was rife with compliments from fans who thought he had aged like fine wine and was looking wonderful. A fan wrote:

“OG looking good.”

Aside from his role as Huggy Bear in “Starsky and Hutch,” Fargas has also acted in several other hit series, including BBC One’s “Holby City.”

In the TV series, Fargas gives a moving performance as Victor Garrison, an R&B musician displaying apparent symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

He relies a lot on his partner, however, when she is rushed into Holby and urgently requires surgery, he has to pick between his career and the welfare of the woman who has always been his rock.

Antonio Fargas’s role as Victor in “Holby City” brought him recognition as one of the most versatile actors with a career spanning theatre, film, television, musicals, and even the pantomime.

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