Amazing white Canadian lady weds Nigerian man with seven children after abandoned by wife over poverty

LAGOS –A wedding photos of a white woman and an African man with 7 children has surfaced on the internet.

The story behind the photos says, the man is the father of the seven children and the white woman is a tourist.

According to Nigerian social media influencer @PH_Promoter, the man was abandoned by his African wife with whom they have seven children.

Fortunately for the man, a Canadian tourist who visited the village feel in love with him.

They eventually got married and the Canadian lady has managed to bring all of them with her to live in Canada.

White tourist marries African man, takes him and his seven kids to Canada after his wife abandoned him because he’s poor

A touching story of a man finding love after his wife left him and their seven kids has hit the social media space.

The story which was told by a Twitter user, @phunky__ involves an African man who was dejected after being abandoned with seven children by his wife because he was poor.

And as fate would have it, a white tourist visited his home country and fell in love with him. She adopted his children and moved with all of them to Canada.

@phunky__ while sharing photos of the couple, wrote: “Black wife left poor husband with 7kids because of their poor condition.

A white tourist woman falls in love with the man, married him and adapt all the kids, they are now living happily in Canada

Source/Credits for the news: The Maravi Post

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