Al Roker & Wife Deborah Roberts Pose with Their 3 Beautiful Children on Thanksgiving (Photos)

American weather forecaster and journalist Al Roker and his wife, Deborah Roberts, shared heartwarming photos with their three beautiful children as they celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday.

Gratitude is a thing of purity. It is putting aside every form of negativity and choosing to appreciate life’s beauty. That is why several people across the world come together to celebrate the annual Thanksgiving holiday as the year slowly rounds up.

Since 2020 has been quite tumultuous, this year’s celebration had a special kind of ring to it. To show how grateful they were to still have each other, American television personality Al Roker and his wife Deborah Roberts had a delightful family outing.

The pair took to social media to share sweet photos from the fun celebration. On Roberts’ Instagram feed was a wholesome snapshot that showed her posing alongside Roker and the kids.

She also showed just how much she loves pets as she followed with another heartwarming picture of her cradling a cute shaggy-haired pooch while she sat on a cream-colored sofa.

On the other hand, her husband posted a lovely photo of the family during their outing at a fancy-looking restaurant. The television star was clad in an all-green ensemble while his wife had on a stylish lacy red dress.

The kids, Nicholas, Leila, and Courtney, were also impeccably dressed as they sat at the already set table. The proud parents stood behind them with broad smiles on their happy faces.

Roker received a major blow when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer later in the year.

Roker, in an interview, once opened up about his fatherhood experience. He explained that parents learned very quickly that each child was different, and even though they knew that earlier on, it got more evident as they got older and moved into adulthood.

He added that even though they were grown-ups and the relationship somewhat changed, they were still their kids at the core. He also revealed that while parenting, he learned a lot about himself and fatherhood in general.

It also goes without saying that the 66-year-old journalist was ecstatic when his daughter Courtney got engaged to her DJ boyfriend Wesley Laga in April this year during the lockdown.

He took to his Instagram on Easter Sunday to share a collage of photos of the love birds. The sweet shots showed them sharing warm embraces as they smiled into the camera while the wife-to-be showed off her gorgeous ring.

However, Roker received a major blow when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer later in the year. The news came as a shock when he candidly opened up about it earlier this month.

He gave a positive update in the coming weeks after undergoing surgery. Roberts, who is an Emmy-award winning journalist, never left his side during the procedure.

She took to social media to express her gratitude for all the support her husband received during the tough time. Evidently, the outpouring of love went a long way for the family.

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