After ‘Lies’ In Michael Jackson Doc’ Get Exposed, MJ’s Family & Fans Call Out Oprah

When it comes to the Leaving Neverland documentary, the first generation Jackson siblings may be muted on the topic, but their offspring are lighting these social media streets ALL the way up.

When the documentary came out, Oprah Winfrey invited Michael Jackson’s sex abuse accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, on her show and she presented their sides as facts. Now, the Jacksons and fans are slamming her for not remaining neutral, nor addressing the discrepancies in the accusers’ claims.

LONDON – NOVEMBER 15: Singer Michael Jackson performs on stage during the 2006 World Music Awards at Earls Court on November 15, 2006 in London. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

As we previously reported, James Safechuck, was caught in a lie when he stated that Michael sexually abused him repeatedly from 1988 to 1992, oftentimes in the “upper room” of the Neverland train station. The only prob’ is that the train station didn’t exist until 1994. Construction began on the train station in ’93 and it was open for operation in 1994.

Wade claimed that MJ had alarms outside his bedroom so they would not be caught having sexual relations. Yet, fans raised doubt about him, after he also said MJ molested him all over the Neverland Ranch premises, which would’ve put them at far greater risk of getting caught anyway.

Here’s a small sample of how MJ’s niece and nephews have been ridin’ for him…

Taj Jackson
Tito Jackson’s son, Taj, tweeted this…

He also retweeted Pop Craze’s tweet, slamming LN director, Dan Reed, and Oprah, for her participation in promoting the documentary:

LeavingNeverland director admits there is inconsistencies in the timeline of alleged abuse. Oprah [Winfrey] deleted all videos regarding to the the documentary off her YouTube and social media accounts, including the interview with the alleged victims.

TJ Jackson
TJ Jackson -Tito’s other son- re-tweeted these two comments about Oprah:

Brandi Jackson
Jackie Jackson’s daughter, Brandi Jackson, shared a clip of her uncle MJ telling it like it is as she cheered him on in her caption:

Siggy Jackson
Siggy Jackson, son of Jackie Jackson, went off in a recent interview, blasting both of the accusers, as well as slammin’ Oprah for ‘giving them a platform’ and automatically believing them without proper research.

Siggy also made it known that he is ride-or-die for his family’s name:

Fans are trolling Oprah’s social media timelines, leaving all types of snake emojis, which they’re accusing her of being since the lies were exposed about the accuser’s claim. They’re also flooding her pages with messages, such as the ones below…

@ang*: You are a horrible, fake person. You were the first to interview the Jackson family after his death, MJ let you into his home & opened up his heart to you & you disrespected him in the most disgusting way. These men have no credible EVIDENCE yet you gave them a platform! Why???

vick: James will now be famous for being the most disgusting fraudulent evil liar alongside his partners in crime Wade Robson & Dan, Oprah, Geffen etc .. Pray God serves them with justice

carb: It breaks my heart to see these people do this for money. Despite what Oprah wants us to believe, real victims of child abuse, sexual or not, do not look back at their abuser with fondness & love,they don’t establish a relationship with them; it’s nothing but fear, shame, anger.

@bab: Where is @oprah now? Come out, come out, wherever you are!

bons*: Why have you deleted after leaving Neverland interview ? Guiltyyyyyyyyy you know the truth is coming out so your trying to cover up your tracks and not be exposed for bad journalism

Whew! Social media is where celebs will get the most brutally honest feedback there is- straight up with no chaser. Oprah, LN director, Dan Reed, and and MJ’s accusers are learning that first hand.

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