Actress Angela Bassett Trending After Son Participates In Latest Viral TikTok Trend

Social media is home to some awful trends. The latest? Young people claiming one of their parents’ favorite celebrities has died to see their reaction. Many people have displayed shock, sadness, and other overwhelming emotions that many have found funny. However, Angela Bassett’s son learned the hard way not to play with such dangerous trends. The internet was ready to let him have it after he scared his mother by declaring that Michael B. Jordan had passed away.

The trend has been going viral for weeks now, with people declaring everyone from Dolly Parton to Beyonce to have suddenly passed to see what kind of reactions they could get out of people. 16-year-old Slater Vance is the son of Hollywood royals Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance. The kid is a child of the TikTok era and was clearly not thinking when he tried to play the cruel celebrity death joke on his mother. Pop Crave reshared the video where the family appears to be walking out of the room when he says, “did you hear this? Michael B. Jordan dead at 35?”

His mother immediately rushes over to the boy and starts saying “no” while reaching for the phone. His father stopped dead in his tracks, and it is clear that they were very scared. Poor Slater could not have picked the worst prank to play on his mother, who is still dealing with the passing of her other Black Panther co-star Chadwick Boseman.

It’s unclear how his parents reacted fully since the clip ended, but obviously, he still got around to posting it, and the internet was very upset with him. Many people began to reprimand the child online, so much so that he had to issue a public apology. A tearful Slater apologized to Michael B. Jordan, his family, and fans and asked that no one take his actions out on his mother or father because they were unaware of the prank.

Slater appeared to be seated in the backseat of a car and was very tearful and upset as he read his statement. While some people continued to lay into the teen, others commended him for taking ownership and apologizing. “I’m not gon drag this Slater Vance and Michael B Jordan thing. The only thing I have to add is that I’m glad he apologized publicly,” said one person.

“#AngelaBassett and #CourtneyVance musta tore that [butt] up for that TikTok trend! #SlaterVance seemed sincere, and I am glad he made the apology public, just like anyone who participated should. The parent don’t deserve the backlash! #DontDoItAgain,” said another person.

Angela Bassett and the cast of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever opened up about how hard it was to shoot and promote the movie following the passing of Chadwick. They bonded over the loss and even brought Michael B. Jordan’s character back as fan service and homage to the first movie. Losing him would have clearly devastated the big screen Matriarch.

Black Twitter could not help but to speculate how Angela and Courtney handled the situation off-camera between the initial video and apology. “Angela really said apologize, or it’s gonna be Slater Vance, de*d at 16.”

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