Life is so unpredictable! We fall in love, stalk crushes, flirt with them, get into relationships, enjoy every bit of it. Sometimes we fail, and break our hearts, while the other times we succeed to never fall apart.

But one single thing is common in all these phases – EMOTIONS. We are nothing without our emotions – just a body, which is all material. At every single stage of our life, our emotions control us – we cry, we laugh, we get angry, we feel sorry, all are nothing but just emotions, pure emotions.

Here at Emotionified, we value emotions.

Emotionified is an online magazine for women helping them out with tips on love, relationship advice, love quizzes, health, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, entertainment, gossips and much more!

On one hand, we guide you to maintain a good compatibility with your partner, while on the other hand we also help you to heal your broken hearts. Moreover, we offer you beauty tips, trending fashions and much more, all at just one destination – Emotionified.

We wish all the women out there a happy, loving and exciting life!

Best wishes,

Team Emotionified.