A U.K. Healthcare Worker Used A Dead Patient’s Debit Card To Buy Snacks 17 Minutes After They Passed Away

A healthcare worker in the United Kingdom admitted to using a dead patient’s debit card to buy snacks from a vending machine where she works.

Just 17 minutes after a patient died on Jan. 24, 23-year-old Ayesha Basharat took an 83-year-old dead victim’s debit card and paid for snacks, according to The New York Post. The young woman bought snacks through a vending machine at her job at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham.

Basharat confessed to the crimes in Birmingham court Wednesday. Reports show she made six purchases and then made another later that event. But, that wasn’t all: four days later, she tried to buy something; however, the card had already been canceled.

When the police came to arrest Basharat, she still had the card. Basharat reportedly lied at first, saying she found the card on the ground and thought it was hers. But her card is a completely different color than the one she stole.

Basharat admitted to charges including theft and fraud by false representation, according to the news outlet.

Source: Baller Alert

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