A French Basketball Player Named ‘Ho You Fat’ Goes Viral After Appearing on ESPN2

Last night ESPN2 aired an exhibition basketball game between Metropolitans 92 (a team from France) and the G League Ignite. The international matchup was highlighted by a captivating game of one-upmanship between the five-star recruit, Scoot Henderson, and the 7’4″ 18-year-old who is projected to be the number one lottery pick in next year’s NBA draft, Victor Wembenyama. Although Henderson (28 points) was outdueled by Wembenyama (37 points) in the boxscore, the 6’2″ point guard led his team to a 122-115 victory over their French opponents. Despite the impressive showing between the future NBA players, the game’s play-by-play commentators and the viewers at home seemed to be far more enamored by a 34-year-old role player on the Metropolitans 92 team named Steeve Ho You Fat.

In American culture, a term such as “Ho You Fat” would certainly be considered derogatory for obvious reasons but it turns out that’s actually Steeve’s real last name. The veteran, Ho You Fat, scored just six points in seventeen minutes of play, but his last name immediately made him a fan favorite, prompting the announcers to crack jokes on the air and sending the internet into a frenzy as several fans began to inquire about purchasing his #15 jersey. Ho You Fat went viral shortly after the game aired on Tuesday. His team will face the G Leauge Ignite once again this Thursday.

Scroll up to watch a highlight of Ho You Fat from Tuesday’s exhibition basketball game.

Source: NBC Sports