50 Cent Disowns Son on Instagram: ‘I Got Blood Test He Ain’t Mine!’

50 Cent strikes again! He isn’t just feuding with literally everybody, but right now, it seems his son is also on his “bad” list. It seems that the rapper continues to insist that Marquise isn’t his son. He even took it a step further and said that he took a blood test, and said that the boy isn’t his.

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It’s no surprise that 50 Cent seems not to get along with anybody. The rapper basically gave a loan to the entire world, and he’s now waiting to cash it in. But the tables have turned, because it seems that Snoop Dogg also loaned him money, and he took his car.

So far, 50 demanded payments from Teairra Mari, Rotimi and Randall Emmett, among others. And it seems now he owes Snoop.

While they were at the Masters of Ceremony concert at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, Snoop noticed 50 Cent’s custom Versaci Lamborghini Aventador parked backstage. And he decided to take the car as payment for what 50 owes him. He posted a video on Instagram.

“50 Cent, ni**a owe me some money, so I’m just gonna take the ni**a car right now. 50, I’ma gonna take your car cuz till you give me my money.”

And he even took the time to admire the car. “This motherfu**er sweet. This motherfu**er made for a Crip. Look at this motherfu**er, Versace everything.”

And from this, 50 took it to Instagram to deny the fact that he owes Snoop money, and that he wants his car back. To which, a fan asked 50 why his eldest son, Marquise, attended his concert, but wasn’t allowed backstage. It seems that his son had to buy tickets to the show, and didn’t get any preferential treatment.

To which, 50 casually replied that the boy isn’t his son, and asked the fan to see himself out.

50 and Marquise’s relationship has been going bad for a few years, after the rapper stopped paying child support to Marquise’s mother. He and his son have been throwing shade at one another for years. 50 has paid Marquise’s mother millions of dollars in child support over the years, despite not having a good relationship.

And he stopped paying when he was no longer legally obligated. And now he claims that Marquise isn’t even his son. What a life 50 leads!