4 Sisters, 40 Overwhelming Memories

1975 is the year when Nixon and Brown’s sisters started their family photo project. All the pictures are consistent and only captioned with date and location.

From left to right, this photo is Heather, Mimi, Bebe, and Laurie, and their ages in no particular order are twenty-one, twenty-five, fifteen, and twenty-three. In the future, Nixon will appear in the portraits too.

2. 1976, extraordinary matching dresses

Not sure if it was the sister’s intentional effort, or was it just a coincidence that the sisters are wearing dresses with similar styles, cuts, and patterns in most of the pictures.

In this picture, Laurie and Bebe are wearing the same dress, which shows their bonding and their humorous side.

3. 1977, I wonder if the sisters were Star Wars fans or not? 

1977 is when the Star Wars Episode IV – a New Hope released, and the crazy fans start wearing the Star Wars merchandise out of the series mania.

In this picture of the Brown sisters, we cannot see anything related to Star Wars, but still, we assume that the sisters were the fan of the series.

4. 1978, the sisters might have watched Grease

This year the classic musical romantic movie Grease starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John premiered, and the fandom put half of America in leather jeans.  

In this picture, the sisters are not dressed up like the Grease fans, but I am sure they probably have watched the movie, or maybe they are fans of Flatwood Mac. 

5. 1979, all set for a new decade

The sisters are all geared up to enter into a new decade yet again with another outstanding picture.  

The exciting thing about these pictures is it shows that the dresses and style women used to wear forty years ago are still very much in fashion and proves that fashion goes in a circle.  

6. 1980, the sister’s love never ends 

In this picture, the sisters have a little bit changed to a joyful pose, and it shows how much they enjoy each other company. 

Or maybe this change is because of some significant event happening, a wedding or a graduation party of any of the sisters, whatever, we are glad to see them happy. 

7. 1981, the sisters must be thinking about to start working as adults

Do you know that in 1981, the minimum wage was $3.10/hour and one bag of lays cost $1.98? All the sisters are in their twenties, except Bebe (she is in her early thirties) must be working on the minimum wage.  

If we compare, the minimum wage today is $7.25, and the price of one bag of lays chips is $2.98. 

8. 1982, the weather is quite chilly

This time the Photographer Nixon has decided to click an outdoor photo of the sisters, or maybe they are vacationing and decided to add this memorable event to their photo collection.  

An interesting fact about 1982 is that Sony Walkmans were about only $130 and now their cost ranges from $100 to $4000. 

9. 1983, Do you think the sisters were playing Jenga? 

It is the year when the stacking block game Jenga was introduced.  I wonder if the sisters were playing this iconic game or, if yes, then who was best at Jenga. 

This picture is beautifully captured; it shows that the Photographer has put his effort into it to make the viewers feel that they are part of the sister’s conversation.  

10. 1984, we can see the shadow of Nixon

In 1984, the “Baby on Board” sign in the cars had started gaining popularity, and it helped the responders to evacuate babies in the event of an accident.  

In this picture, we can see that the sisters are enjoying a sunny day at the beach and can see a shadow of Nixon too. Maybe this was a way to include him in the portrait.

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