2Pac’s Ex Says Pac Told Her He Signed His Soul to the Devil in Jailhouse Death Row Deal

2Pac’s former girlfriend Desiree Smith sat down with The Art of Dialogue, where she detailed being a witness to 2Pac signing his deal with Death Row while he was in jail.

Smith explained that Suge Knight and his lawyer, David Kenner, came to visit 2Pac in jail while she was also visiting him. Kenner needed a witness, and 2Pac asked her to sign the contract. Afterward, Smith detailed 2Pac’s first reaction, as she stated, “It was a little crazy because—and I don’t mean this literally, but I guess, once they left, he was excited, but he did make this comment where he was like, ‘I just signed my soul to the devil.'”

She added, “It was the only person that rocked with him when everybody else that he had made money with, did business with, pretty much turned they back. Jada [Pinkett Smith] tried to get some of the money, but she didn’t have all the money to get him out of there, so, it was his relief.”

Smith then stated, “Although, it seems that after he got out, they became really good friends. But that was the mood and everything that he did, damn-near his whole life, was to make sure that he put his mother and his family in a good position for life so that they would be well. And, you know, he was going to do whatever it took.”

Smith went on to explain that 2Pac was excited to get out of jail, and she bought him a fresh new outfit to celebrate his release. To hear more, including Smith speaking about plans that she was making with 2Pac for his film career, hit the above clip.

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