25 Adorable Things to Talk About With Your Boyfriend

You love to talk to the ones you love, especially to the person you have been keeping yourself up with every day. But it becomes quite difficult sometimes to carry on the conversation, doesn’t it? It is important to give communication a priority in every relationship. But it is also important to give importance to the quality of communication.

You mutter a lot of words in front of him but he doesn’t pay any heed to them, can you call it good communication? No. If you only talk about the menu of your lunch or dinner & right after it you lose words to talk about, soon boredom will kill the essence of the relationship. Now, if you spare the next couple of minutes, you will get a few tips & topics to carry on the conversation. And, I will tell you about a lot of things to talk about with your boyfriend.

Here are the 25 simple-but-adorable things to talk about with your boyfriend:

1. Ask how his day was

woman asking man something

This has been the most common topic you have been discussing with each other. If you are one of a few couples who don’t do this, try incorporating this topic in your conversation every day. Both of you will connect more than ever, plus you will get to know if you are on the same page with him. So, the next time before wondering the things to talk about with your boyfriend, try this as the first thing.

2. Talk about childhood

woman and man talking about childhood

There are a lot of things you can say about a person by knowing how his childhood was. This is one of the prime things to know when you get to know a person better. If he has pleasant childhood memories, you will never run out of topic to discuss. & even if he has traumatized memories, you can comfort him & fill the void when he needs you the most.

3. Talk about the future

young couple thinking about future

Next time when you run out of topic on things to talk about with your boyfriend, throw a question about the future. Ask him if he sees a future with you, or where the relationship is going. This is a great way to learn if you guys are into something serious or if it is a fling.

4. Ask about past experiences

couple talking about things happened in past

You cannot know a person better or draw any conclusion without knowing his past. Learn about his past experiences, past traumas & cheerful moments. You will also get an insight into his likings, the things he dislikes & many secrets. Like childhood secrets, favorite games to play, family stories, etc.

5. Talk about the things you want him to work on

things to talk about with your boyfriend

Do not follow the escape route if you want your relationship to last long. It may bother him a little, but you will feel much lighter after expressing the feeling. Tell him what is bothering you, or what is the thing you want his work on so that the relationship can be even better.

6. Share each other’s dreams

couple talking about dreams

The very first thing to talk to each other about when you fall short of words is the dreams you have in your eyes. Share how you would like your dream home to be, what his dream car is. Or, what the first international destination you would like to visit together.

7. Indulge yourselves in a healthy debate

couple having healthy debate

Okay, you must be wondering what kind of healthy debate. Well, there are a lot of debates that do not ruin your relationship. Rather, they make it stronger. Start debating about political ideologies, government policies, and environmental issues. These will also make each other enriched with knowledge.

8. Have a little chat about new hobbies

man and woman talking about new hobbies

Every person evolves & makes himself better with time. Sometimes, we grow new hobbies of our own & the people we are the closest to have no idea about it. It is important to talk about those little hobbies before getting confused about things to talk about with your boyfriend.

9. Ask about his parents & family

couple chatting about each others families

Well, it is okay to ask about his parents & family. He may have a shy personality and he may feel uncomfortable sharing family stuff. But you have to look for breaking the cocoon so that he can feel comfortable enough to share his family stories. Like, whom he is the closest to, who loves him the most, whom he is afraid of in the family, etc.

10. Talk about career options

couple discussing career options

It is very important to encourage each other to do better career-wise. Both of you may have settled in a career, yet some of us still have a few doubts or some of us are still trying to find ourselves among the rat race. Ask about his dream career option, or share your dream career choice. Encourage him to pursue it while there is still time.

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11. Ask about the things he wants you to work on

couple asking about things to work on

Every coin has two sides. While you want him to rectify a few mistakes of yours, he may also have some of them for you. It is better to ask them at the right time before they get pile up in his head. It is better to talk about the flaws of each other and rectify them than to wonder about the things to talk about with your boyfriend.

12. Talk about physical intimacy

couple chatting about physical intimacy

Okay, this may make you a little embarrassed if you haven’t done it already. But you must try it to turn on the heat between both of you. Ask him about his fantasies; tell him some of your fantasies to check if you are on the same page. Also, it will lead to a healthy sexual life where none of you has to sacrifice for your desires.

13. Talk about finances

couple talking about finance

Most of us avoid talking about finances while in a relationship & later it becomes an issue when we get married. It is always a good idea to clear financial issues & settle financial contributions before you start living together. In this way, both of you will be aware of your respective duties in the future.

14. Talk about movies & books

couple watching movies and discussing

Most couples spend their time watching Netflix these days. How often you spend your time talking about each other’s favorite movies & books? Talking about each other’s favorite books & movies will not only make you aware of each other’s choices but also stimulate knowledge.

15. Ask why he likes you in the first place

girl asking why her man likes her

Enough of asking about negative things about yourself! Sometimes you need all the appreciation & admiration. Try asking why he likes you in the first place as a conversation starter, & follow his words to cherish your good qualities. Next time, whenever you wonder about the things to talk about with your boyfriend, try it!

16. Talk about embarrassing stories

girl and boy sharing embarrassing stories

Let’s admit every one of us has embarrassing stories in our lives we do not want to talk about. Asking him to share his side of stories is a great way to make him feel comfortable with you. This will help both of you to break the barrier of shyness and explore the fun side of each other.

17. Talk about your bucket lists

couple discussing bucket list

Everyone has a bucket list. I hope, both of you have the same too! It is very endearing to share your wishes & fulfill them together while in a relationship. This will make the relationship stronger than before; also you will get to know about each other’s bucket list too.

18. Share your random thoughts

couple talking about random things

While sharing your random thoughts you have to be very careful because you don’t want to say hurtful things to the person you love. It doesn’t mean sharing the noise inside your head all the time. Random thoughts may include your concern, your belief, and your daydreams. He will also get to know you a little better as a person.

19. Talk about regrets

woman sharing her regrets with her man

These kinds of conversations are for light-hearted moments when you want to be vulnerable to each other. Talking about missed opportunities & the biggest mistakes in life can lead to a deep conversation at times. Plus, it is a great opportunity to learn about each other’s past more in a close manner. Since they say that a person’s greatest regrets in life say a lot of things about them.

20. Talk about the biggest influencers in your lives

couple talking about influencers

Ask about who his heroes are. They can be their family members, teachers, friends, authors, and actors. A simple thing can even influence a person in a big way at times. Even you will get an insight into his choices & values. In a similar way, sharing about your biggest influencers will let him know about the same.

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21. Make each other laugh

couple making each other laugh

Making each other laugh while trying to break out of a conversation can be the healthiest way to keep on running the conversation. Crack a joke or two so that monotonousness does not succumb to the conversation. Bring back those days when you were dating for the first time & you don’t have to worry about things to talk about with your boyfriend anymore.

22. Talk about your dream home

couple talking about dream home

It is a cute thing talking about your dream home before you start spending your lives together. Ask him how he dreams his home to be, also share your thoughts, ideas & dreams about it. It will also encourage you both to achieve the dream together.

23. Ask about his idea of a perfect day

couple talking about their idea of a perfect day

Both of you may have gone to dating, and come back from work & watched a movie together to end the day on a good note. But it is good to know about each other’s idea of a perfect day so that you can recreate it to make him feel better sometimes.

24. Ask what his favorite thing is about both of you as a couple

woman and man having conversation

Well, this is a brilliant conversation starter. You may get to know what he is up to, also what he is looking for in the relationship. You will be able to cherish those things together to make your bond even stronger.

25. Embrace the silence sometimes

woman embracing silence hugging her man

You don’t always have to chatter to make sure the relationship is going on the right path. It is also important to embrace the silence at times. Gazing at each other, silent hugs & kisses mean a lot more than a few words.

When you wonder about the things to talk about with your boyfriend, make sure you not only initiate the conversation but also initiate a quality conversation. This will make you know each other a little better with time.

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