12-Year-Old Fort Worth Rapper Sentenced to 7 Years Over Shooting 1-Year-Old

A 12-year-old aspiring rapper from Fort Worth, Texas is behind bars after shooting a one-year-old child.

Per the Dallas Observer, the juvenile has been looking to break into the rap game and performs under the stage names Lil Rodney, Baby Savage, and 30Shotz. He was sentenced to seven years in a juvenile detention facility in September for shooting a one-year-old child that survived the incident.

Typically, it would be customary to grant a young suspect some form of clemency. But during the virtual trial, Judge Alex Kim of the 323rd District Court in Fort Worth was not swayed by the 12-year-old’s pleas or tears. Kim explained that the child has lied to the court on several occasions throughout his trial. He also violated the terms of his probation by cutting off his ankle monitor and committing other crimes like arson.

“Rodney, I’m really tired of you lying to me. Every time you come in here, you cry. You know that, right?” Kim said to the suspect per the Observer. “Every single time, you beg me for one more chance. You swear to God, ‘On my momma’s name, I’m not gonna cut off the monitor, I’m not gonna run off.’ Every single time.”

The suspect also boasted about violating the terms of his probation via social media. In August, he allegedly posted a now-deleted picture on his Instagram of himself smoking weed which he captioned: “Fuck Judge Kim.”

“You know, once you put something on the internet, it doesn’t come down,” Kim said.

Rodney’s mother was reportedly 16 when she had him. After his father abandoned the family and his mother was arrested multiple times while he was a toddler, Rodney’s grandfather became his legal guardian.

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