101 hungry animals were rescued from a veterinarian-run sanctuary in Chennai.

The police and animal rights organisations in Chennai were greeted by a picture of horror: emaciated dogs and cats with protruding ribs and weak legs, dead puppies and kittens, and starving animals feasting on the carcasses of other animals. With the aid of the Tamil Nadu police, activists and animal welfare organisations were able to rescue 101 very emaciated and frail animals from the Yahshua Animal Trust (YAT) in West Tambaram. The cats and dogs at the shelter, which is run by veterinarian Vanaja Rani, were kept in minuscule cages, covered in their own waste, and without access to food or water.

People for Animals, RoA, Love Animals Respect Animals (LARA), Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary (BMAD), Hope for Kritters, People for Animals, Madras Animal Rescue Society (MARS), and Animal Care Trust were just a few of the animal rescue organisations that actively participated in the rescue efforts. On Sunday, December 18, a joint rescue effort was conducted in response to a complaint made to the Somangalam Police Station by Prakaashganth, the organization’s founder.

Since 2014, there have been numerous complaints about the facility and its operators. In the refuge, the animals were also mistreated. There were no CCTVs in the shelter, and entry was not allowed, according to Prakaashganth.

When people bring animals to the shelter, the owner collects payment and makes sure they sign an agreement with specific provisions stating they won’t call, go back to the shelter, or claim the animal or the money back in the event of death or illness. One such paper, to which TNM has access, states that the details of the animals’ demise will not be made public.